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Recycling on campus is everyone’s responsibility.

Adelphi recycles not only cans, bottles, and paper, but also ensures that hazardous waste is not mixed with inert refuse. The Facilities Management Department recycles all fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, and computer equipment. Cardboard and metals are also separated into separate containers.

Various other departments, including Science, Arts, and Photography have taken great strides in reducing their consumption and storage of many chemicals throughout their areas.

The Facilities Department has also revised its construction standards to include recycling of all construction debris and the use of environmentally friendly materials whenever possible.

Inkjet printer toner cartridges are recycled. A laser toner recycling program for administration is facilitated by Adelphi’s Mail Room and our new printing services partner, AM Exclusive. Inkjet toner should be returned by individuals to the vendor using a prepaid label which is usually included in the original box.


For further information, please contact:

Facilities Management
p – 516.877.3970
e –
w - Facilities Intranet (AU login required)

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